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This is our biggest requirement. We do require that you have full coverage insurance including liability, comprehensive and collision. We have been asked about this requirement countless times and have found that there is a lot of confusion about insurance when it comes to renting and leasing cars. Simply put if you don't have insurance you are at a tremendous risk. Car rental companies have insurance that protects them, not you. If you have an unfortunate accident in a rental car you are liable and responsible for the damages, not only to the rental vehicle, but to anyone else that is involved. But what if I buy their "insurance" you ask? Well, first off it is ridiculously expensive, and it isn't insurance! In fact, car rental companies can't sell you "insurance". They only sell a "collision damage waver" (CDW) or "limited damage waiver" (LDW) and both only protect you in the event that you aren't at fault, and if you aren't at fault then someone else's insurance should be responsible, unless of course they don't have insurance. So in reality you are only protecting against the unlikely event that someone else doesn't have insurance. Essentially you are paying an extreme amount for coverage that doesn't protect you, it helps protect the car rental company from uninsured drivers that you encounter. Over the years we have seen too many good people have life changing financial consequences due to an accident in a rental vehicle without insurance, regardless of fault. We find this to be completely avoidable and will not be any part of it. We require you have full coverage insurance for this reason, and if you don't rent or lease from us, we strongly encourage you to have full coverage insurance if you choose another company.





We require all of our customers to be at least 18 (legal adult) to lease a car with us (over 21 for weekly rentals or one month rental when available). We do not charge extra for under 25 drivers. That's right! If you are under 25 and have valid full coverage insurance we do not charge any under age fees! We like to treat all of our customers the same and have found that many car rental companies charge under 25 (under age) fees that are significantly greater than our monthly rate all together. So if you are under the age of 25, give us a call and we can work with you.





We accept all forms of payment including cash. However, if you are paying with only cash we do have deposit and possibly other requirements that may be applicable so it is best to contact us. We love working with customers on a case by case basis so simply let us know what your particular situation is and we will be happy to work with you the best we can.



In State Use:


Currently we provide vehicles for primarily local use in the state of Georgia and specifically provide service in and around the Atlanta area. We do make exceptions to this from time to time and have accommodated many customers on their out of state needs. As always, we love to try to work with our customers so just let us know what your situation is and we will be happy to work with you the best we can.


“...I was in town on business for three months and was paying an arm and a leg to (a large car rental company) and decided to look around for a better rate. Luckily I found XPress Car!”

— Thomas L.

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