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Long Term Car Rental

Long term car rentals have been our specialty for over 35 years. We have developed great relationships with many fine customers over the years and would love to serve you also. Do you need a car for two weeks? A month? Maybe six weeks? Two months and two days? You see what we're getting at here. Even though our core business are monthly car rentals we will try our best to tailor a long term car rental for your needs and we are currently providing weekly rentals on a case by case basis.

Please understand that weekly rentals with us are only provided when available. Even though we try to accommodate everyone, month or longer car rentals are our specialty, and sometimes we just can't do weekly. But simply contact us and we will let you know current availability and pricing. 

We currently serve the Atlanta area and provide vehicles in the state of Georgia. and only arrange vehicles out of state on a case by case basis. So contact us if you have out of state needs and we will try to accommodate you.


“...I was in town on business for three months and was paying an arm and a leg to (a large car rental company) and decided to look around for a better rate. Luckily I found XPress Car!”

— Thomas L.

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